Our mission is to improve the lives of lung transplant patients and their families.


We are dedicated to the vibrant lung transplant community! Stay updated on events tailored specifically for individuals who have undergone or are awaiting lung transplants as well as their family members and caretakers. Experience a supportive environment where you can connect, learn, and thrive alongside fellow members of this remarkable community.

Upcoming Events

Transplant Talk: The Caregiver's Journey

April 25 • 7pm ET

Are you a Caregiver for a loved one's transplant journey?  Are you a transplant patient who wants to learn more about what this journey is like from your Caregiver's perspective?  If so, this Transplant talk is for you. Join us for an honest and inspiring conversation focused on Caregiver experiences. We'll hear from a panel of Caregivers who will share their journeys, offering insights, support, and practical advice for others on this path.


Your Transplant Date

A Lungaversary® is the anniversary of a person’s lung transplant. Lungaversaries are celebrated around the world, often with festivities such as a party, gifts, cards, donations to a charity, or some other rite of passage.

BOS Education Day

October 25, 2024

We know that together, we can help increase education about BOS, and, in turn, help speed the development of potential new treatments and facilitate understanding of the cause of the condition. Join us on October 25, 2024, as we unite for BOS Education Day.

The Lung Transplant Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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