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What is it?

lung-a-ver-sa-ry (noun)
A Lungaversary®  is the annual recurrence of the date marking a person’s lung transplant. Lungaversaries are celebrated around the world, often with festivities such as a party, gifts, cards, donations to a charity or some other rite of passage.

Every organ transplant recipient remembers the day they got their donated organ. Like a birthday, it is a day for celebration, reflection, and gratitude. A Lungaversary®!

Every Lungaversary® is special. Help the Lung Transplant Foundation by raising funds so that all lung transplant recipients can celebrate their Lungaversaries, too.

Have a virtual Lungaversary® party and invite all your friends to celebrate with you!

While the number of lung transplants is on the rise, lung transplant patients do not do as well as recipients of other organs.


Let us know when your Lungaversary® is and we can help you celebrate!


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Facts and numbers

lung transplants in 2018
1 %
survival rate after 5 years
1 %
of lungs donated in the U.S. can be used for transplantation
FDA approved treatments for Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS)

Improving lives everyday

Improving the lives of lung transplant patients is at the heart of the Lung Transplant Foundation’s mission. The Lung Transplant Foundation supports the development of:

Transport Systems

Improved donor lung transport systems for improved lung preservation

Investigatory Products

Investigatory products for the treatment of BOS


Advanced X-ray imaging to capture and map lung function and pulmonary ventilation as a means for early detection of BOS


Clinical research efforts in transplantation and advanced lung diseases


Educational webinars featuring medical and industry experts on emerging innovations to advance lung transplant patient outcomes featuring medical and industry experts


Peer-to-peer mentorship for lung transplant patients and caregivers