Voice of the Patient Report

BOS Voice of the Patient report

Voice of the Patient Report for Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome
Published: February 2023
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Transplant Talk: The NEW Lung Composite Allocation Score

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Transplant Talk: Transplant, Chronic Illness, and Your Relationships

THURSDAY, Feb 9, 2023 7PM EST hear from an expert on Chronic Illness, Katie Willard Virant MSW, JD, LCSW.

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Stories of Hope

“The Results of my Lung Transplant have been Nothing Short of Spectacular” Meet Brendan and read his story of hope.

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Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program provides compassion and support by pairing those who have had a transplant and their caregivers with those about to receive one.
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What’s being done to change the fact that lung transplant recipients have the worst long-term success of all solid organ transplants?  

The Lung Transplant Foundation was formed to help answer that question. 

Our mission is to improve the lives of lung transplant patients and their families. What began as a small foundation has steadily grown to become a nationally recognized advocate for lung transplant research.

  1. We work to identify the most pressing needs for the lung transplant community
  2. We fund and support solutions that target rejection
  3. Provide support, encouragement, and guidance through our Mentorship Program
  4. We advocate for all recipients and families

The Lung Transplant Foundation is the only major non-profit organization dedicated to funding research into post-transplant rejection. 


Learn about the Lung Transplant Foundation and our impact