The mission of the Lung Transplant Foundation Mentorship Program is to provide confidential, compassionate, one-on-one support for lung transplant recipients and their caregivers at all stages of lung transplantation through personal contact with a trained mentor.

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Lung Transplant Foundation Mentorship Program

Our peer-to-peer mentoring program provides free, confidential, and compassionate support.

Knowledgeable, well-supported recipients and caregivers are better able to handle challenges along the transplant journey. Well-supported lung transplant recipients and caregivers may improve overall compliance and success.

We are a trusted resource; we offer guidance to patients and caregivers from transplant centers across the country. Sometimes, we are the exclusive provider of peer-to-peer support for lung transplant centers. We work to match mentors with transplant patients by things they have in common, such as disease, age, and transplant center.

We help individuals gain confidence while facing transplant-related challenges by:

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Connecting with someone who has experienced what you are going through.

Gaining insight about the transplant process and how best to be successful.

Providing support for those experiencing BOS or chronic rejection.

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Our Program

  • Is the only national lung transplant mentorship program created and administered by recipients and caregivers

  • Is a free service providing one-on-one communication between people living successfully after transplant and those who are new or adjusting to the transplant world

  • Offers volunteer mentors who are recipients and caregivers

  • Matches mentors and mentees by commonalities

  • Maintains strict confidentiality

Our Mentors

  • Are transplant recipients and caregivers who have the desire to help others through their transplant process

  • Receive training on listening and mentoring skills

  • Support and guide other recipients and caregivers

  • Offer a voice of reason and comfort

  • Are willing to share their experiences compassionately from the point of view of either a recipient or caregiver

  • Provide a bridge from uncertainty and fear to knowledge and empowerment

  • Share their experiences, but never give medical advice

Our Mentorship Program Manager
Janice Sutton joined the Lung Transplant Foundation as the Program Manager for the Mentorship Program in 2018. She is responsible for coordinating the development, implementation, and evaluation of Mentorship activities designed to support members of the lung transplant community.

LTF Mentorship Program testimonial
My mentor has been a great sounding board for questions and for proactively sharing information that I should be asking about. She has helped me see a future after transplant.
LTF Mentorship Program

Joseph J. Carter’s Lasting Legacy

The Lung Transplant Foundation Mentorship Program is named in honor of Joseph (Joe) J. Carter, a well-respected attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Joe envisioned this type of Mentorship program and hoped for the development of new procedures that would better ensure transplant success.

Joe died at age 38 from congenital lung failure before being listed for a transplant, leaving behind his son, Zachary, and his wife, Shari, who was pregnant with their second child. Shari, Zachary, and Aiden, who was born two months after Joe’s death, are supporting the Mentorship Program.

Shari Carter
Joseph J. Carter remained true to his character even when he was struggling with serious medical issues and difficulty breathing. He never complained and never lost his sense of humor or love of life. Joe would go out of his way to help anyone. He searched for a program like this in his time of need. He would be honored to be a part of something that will help so many others. This program is a beautiful tribute to a life lost way too soon.
Shari Carter
Joseph J. Carter's wife
The Lung Transplant Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
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