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Sexual activity after transplant


You may resume sexual activity after your incision heals, usually about six weeks after surgery. There are usually no restrictions on resuming sexual activity. To avoid straining yourself while recuperating, you might want to use a low-stress position. Pain is a good indicator that too much stress is being put on the incision.

Your doctor may recommend that you use condoms to prevent infection. Report genital rashes, sores, unusual discharge, or yeast infections to your transplant coordinator.

For female patients, even if your periods seem to have stopped, you should always use a safe and effective method of birth control after transplant surgery. Some physicians may not recommend birth control pills because of the added risk of side effects.

Pregnancy is not recommended, especially within one year after transplant surgery. The medicines you take after surgery are harmful to a developing baby, and the stress of pregnancy on your body can be harmful to your health.

If you desire to have children after your transplant, there are other options, such as adopting or serving as a foster parent. You can discuss these options with your transplant coordinator or social worker.

Male transplant patients might experience difficulty with erections after surgery. This might be caused by a reduction of blood flow to the penis, or it might be a result of the transplant medicines. In most cases, this situation can be corrected. If impotence becomes a problem for you, discuss your concerns with your doctor or transplant coordinator.

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