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Transplant Talk: Pregnancy and Parenthood After Lung Transplant

Lisa A. Coscia, RN, BSN, CCTC, FAST, Senior Nurse Research Coordinator

Pregnancy and Parenthood After Lung Transplant with Lisa Coscia

Whether you are dreaming about expanding your family through pregnancy or simply curious about the journey, this is an informative and inclusive discussion on pregnancy and parenthood after a lung transplant. Lisa Coscia of the Transplant Pregnancy Registry International a division of the Gift of Life Institute leads the recorded discussion. Hear from transplant recipient, Inka Nisinbaum, about her journey with pregnancy and parenthood after her lung and liver transplant. The Transplant Talk was recorded on March 28, 2024.

Transplant Pregnancy Registry International

The Transplant Pregnancy Registry International (TPRI) is an ongoing research study focused on the effects of pregnancy on transplant recipients and the effects of immunosuppressive medications on fertility and pregnancy outcomes. A unique feature of this study is the long-term follow-up of the participants. The TPRI provides information to transplant recipients contemplating post-transplant parenthood and to the healthcare providers who care for them.

Prepregnancy Guidelines for Lung Recipients

  • Birth control e.g. IUD (discuss pre-transplant)
  • 2 year waiting period from transplant to pregnancy
  • Stable lung function (without chronic allograft lung dysfunction)
  • Planning the pregnancy
  • Stopping MMF and mTORi 6wks before
  • No rejection within 12 months

Lung Transplant Pregnancy Statistics

23 (46%) recipients experienced rejection prior to pregnancy
6 (12%) recipients experienced rejection during pregnancy (3 acute, 3 chronic)
21 (42%) recipients experienced graft loss post-pregnancy

  • 6 within 2 years of pregnancy delivery date
  • 4 re-transplanted
  • 18 deceased (1 re-transplant died)

Age at death: 37.5 ± 9.7 y (24.0 – 54.8) most common cause of death: lung failure

Lisa emphasizes that the one thing that lung transplant recipients could be doing better is planning their pregnancies. 55% of the lung transplant pregnancies captured by the TPRI are unplanned, which means that they didn’t have time to change their medications or achieve certain health goals first prior to pregnancy.

The Transplant Pregnancy Registry International is happy to speak with anyone about parenthood after transplantation. Contact them by phone, by email, or complete the form on their website.

Email: tpr@transplantpregnancyregistry.org
Phone: US: 877-955-6877 (toll-free) or Outside of US: 215-599-2078

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