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Feeling overwhelmed


Part of the pre-transplant process that sometimes gets overlooked is the emotional component of your journey. Transplant, despite providing a wonderful new lease on life, can be tremendously overwhelming. When you are in the worst health of your life, you have the added burden of wondering whether you will be put on the waiting list for lungs, and if you are, when your life-saving call will come. Your family and friends will probably be worried, and sometimes they may be far away if you have to relocate closer to your transplant center.

Throughout the evaluation process, you may feel a variety of feelings such as hope, fear, anxiety, stress, and homesickness, if you are required to relocate. Most centers have several staff members to help deal with these emotions. Also, a good pre-transplant rehabilitation program will focus on more than the physical aspect of preparing for a transplant. You will need to be in the right place mentally to undergo the surgery. In order to be motivated to physically rehabilitate, you will need hope and determination to prepare for the hard work ahead and stay focused on the reward of a new, more active life.

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