Toolkit for BOS Education Day


by right-clicking an image below to save it onto your desktop. You can also simply drag it onto your desktop.

Log on

to your favorite social media site, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Copy and paste

one of the sample messages below into your status update—or create your own message that includes the #BOSeducationDay hashtag.


the image saved onto your desktop to accompany your status update.


your status update and encourage others to join the #BOSeducationDay conversation.

Sample social media posts.

Sample social media posts to help raise awareness and educate people about what BOS is.

Download the image and copy and paste the message to post to your own Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin etc page.


Oct 25 is #BOSeducationDay. Bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS) affects people living with lung transplants. Learn more and join us at


Oct 25 is #BOSeducationDay. Learn more about how bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome affects people with lung transplants, and join us in hope to end BOS:


Today is #BOSeducationDay! We are uniting to educate others about bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome, a condition that affects people with lung transplants. We are uniting in hope to end BOS. Join us!


We are uniting in hope to end BOS. The Lung Transplant Mentorship Program is a free service providing one-on-one communication between people living successfully after transplant and those who are new or adjusting to the transplant world. If you would like to be paired with a Mentor, please visit our website and click “request a mentor”. Learn more about mentorship opportunities 


In addition to the posts above, we also encourage you to customize and share your “why” on a printable poster.

How to Use: Download the template and customize the message to fit your own personal “why” you are sharing on social media.

BOS Experience Graphic

How to use:

Download, print and display or share the digital file in your newsletter, on your website, via email or social media.