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The LTF adds two more chapters, NorthEast and Virginia

The LTF is pleased to announce it has completed the formation of their newest chapters to VA LTFadd to the LTF.Florida chapter. Jonathan Reiss, who will take the role of President of the Northeast chapter is excited about the “opportunities to engage the communities of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the surrounding areas in the efforts of the LTF. Jonathan will post the upcoming date of their first meeting at the LTF.NE Facebook site soon. Click here to like the LTF North East Chapter on Facebook!

Harry Collins, President of the LTF.Virgina Chapter is just as excited and already has had their first public awareness event. Suffolk Virginia is known to the world for its peanuts. However, to the Lung Transplant Foundation (LTF) ,Suffolk VA is now known for the first LTF Virginia Chapter and for the first Chapter event! Click here to like the LTF Virginia Chapter on Facebook!

Collins tell us, “the Chapter wants to introduce itself to the various Virginia regions one at a time. The event purpose was to setup an LTF.VA Chapter tent to introduce us to the community and let people know who and what we are all about. Once people learn who we are, we’ll start holding regional fund raising events.”

The chapter connected itself to the “Hey Suffolk!” first annual outreach event. The event drew over 300 people from the Virginia Tidewater area. The tent, manned by Kevin and Shannon Parker along with Sheryl Evans are not strangers to the LTF. Lori Evans, daughter, sister and sister in law, was an active member of the National LTF before succumbing to Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS) in December 2012. “On this beautiful sun filled fall day, we can’t help but stop to remember how important the LTF was to Lori”, said Lori’s sister Shannon. Shannon also has Cystic Fibrosis and is a 2002 Duke University Medical Center double lung transplant recipient.

Sheryl Evans, Shannon & Lori’s mom and LTF supporter, shared “now that my husband Dave and I are retired, we have much more time to assist Harry with the LTF VA Chapter.”

During the event, the trio passed out LTF brochures, spoke about the LTF vision, goals, and answered BOS questions. “It’s not surprising people automatically think BOS stands for Boston. However, it was my personal goal to educate everyone who stopped in to see us. The Boston “BOS” refers to a beautiful city; the Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome, BOS, represents an ugly life threatening syndrome that claims beautiful people” said Kevin, Lori’s brother-in-law.

LTF.National President, Jeff Goldstein,  comments ” we are very pleased to have these two chapters on board and about finalizing our next chapter in Denver. This is a clear indication of the strength and breadth of the LTF and the realization in the lung transplant community that it will be up to us to be the catalyst to finding cures for post transplant diseases that have taken so many of us. We are seeing in the headlines we post that our work is having a positive impact on the medical community and their research.” And adds… Lung Transplant should be more than just about surviving!”

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