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The LTF Hires Executive Director

The Lung Transplant Foundation (LTF) has completed an extensive process to hire its first Executive Director and we are pleased to welcome Emily Everett as the first Executive Director. Emily has more than 25 years of nonprofit experience that includes the March of Dimes, American Red Cross and most recently, Stop Hunger Now.

Jeff Goldstein, President and a Founding Member of the LTF tells us how significant this is. “ The years of effort and unwavering commitment from our supporters, volunteers and our Board of Directors has built the LTF into the internationally recognized advocate for lung transplant recipients everywhere. The hiring of an Executive Director is a serious commitment to the development and capacity building of the LTF and a decision we did not make lightly. We believe we’ve found the right person to help the LTF develop into a full-fledged organization in order to connect the lung transplant community and to achieve our mission, cures for post-transplant lung issues such as BOS and Rejection.”

Emily joined LTF on May 1, 2016.

“LTF has made tremendous progress as a volunteer-lead organization. I’m honored and excited to be joining the team to grow the impact and outreach of the organization, and to help improve the outcomes for lung transplant recipients, their families and support networks,” says Emily.

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