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Get Busy Living

The Lung Transplant Foundation is pleased to introduce a new column called “Get Busy Living.” Here we will feature stories from our post-transplant community sharing their experiences and what they are up to now. Get ready to be moved and inspired by the true life tales of overcoming obstacles, amazing transformations and impressive accomplishments of our post-transplant friends. Everyone who has gone through the lung transplant experience is an individual miracle with much to share.

Twelve and a half years ago when I was placed on my transplant center’s list, I knew that what I was fighting for was not just survival but also the gift to go on living. My post-transplant motto was “Get Busy Living”. I was, and am still, determined to live by that mantra. Those of you readers who are also transplant recipients know exactly what I mean. Since my transplant, as long as my health allows it, I am quick to seize opportunities as they come my way. I’ve travelled all over the world, caught a 550 pound Marlin in Panama, climbed the Great Pyramid and Sphynx in Egypt, hiked to a glacier in Alaska and started a foundation. While many of us in our lung transplant community are unable to participate in demanding physical activities, or don’t have the means to travel, as I have been so fortunate to be able to do, there are so many different ways to “Get Busy Living”.   I believe there are many examples of this throughout our lung transplant community. To celebrate the positive INPSIRING outlook of transplant recipients everywhere, the Lung Transplant Foundation is excited to introduce our new “Get Busy Living” website feature. We want you to share your post-transplant “Get Busy Living” stories with us.

We encourage all of our lung transplant recipients reading this blog, or those who know a story about a lung transplant recipient, to submit their own “Get Busy Living” story. Please submit your story to Include your name and contact information. Please limit it to four (4), single space, typewritten pages. Stories will be selected by committee and may be edited to fit our format. Should your story be selected for posting to our website, we will contact you to obtain your authorization for including it on our “Get Busy Living” page.  

The lung transplant road is a long one, sometimes filled with pitfalls, but we are a resilient and determined population. I look forward to hearing about your post-transplant adventures. In the meantime, I hope/ ENCOURAGE you all /TO “Get Busy Living”.

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