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Our Purpose

In June 2009, the national Lung Transplant Foundation (LTF) was founded as a non-profit organization by a group of lung transplant recipients from Durham and Chapel Hill, NC. These recipients from Duke University and UNC Hospitals realized promotion and funding of research to improve the post lung transplant experience and long term outcomes was severely lacking, so they created the LTF to tackle one of the most difficult and life-threatening issues facing transplant recipients, chronic rejection or bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS).

The LTF now includes a Board of Directors comprised of lung transplant recipients, caregivers and connected individuals who graciously donate their time to further the mission of the LTF. What began as a small foundation has grown to become an outspoken advocate for the advancement of research to cure BOS and one of the most widely recognized organizations promoting lung transplant as a viable alternative to end-stage lung disease. The LTF website has approximately 4,000 visitors daily, and the LTF Facebook page boasts 1.1 million fans.

To date, the LTF has donated $150,000 to BOS research and actively promotes collaborative efforts in ground-breaking research involving stem cells for this same effort.

In November of 2012, the LTF was approved for membership to the American Thoracic Society’s PAR Council of Public Representatives. The LTF is currently the only national lung transplant organization that sits on this prestigious council.

Our Mission

The national Lung Transplant Foundation’s mission is to promote and advance research in order to improve long-term outcomes among lung transplant recipients and to educate and promote awareness about organ donation.

Our Vision

The vision of the Lung Transplant Foundation is to complete its mission through the following:


Accelerate research on lung transplant outcomes by providing financial support targeted specifically for lung transplant researchers through a national program. Parlay findings into information and programs for people affected by lung transplant, their families, physicians, and other health professionals.


Identify and attract individuals, corporations, organizations, and granting agencies who are interested in supporting lung transplant research.


Work together with supporting partners of the Lung Transplant Foundation to provide lung transplant recipients, their caregivers, their families and their friends continuous support and access to information and other vital tools necessary to navigate the lung transplantation process.


Partner with donor service organizations to help make lung transplant research a national priority through advocacy programs in both the public and private sector. Advocate for expanded awareness and increased federal funding for lung transplant research.


Increase public awareness and distribute comprehensive information about lung transplantation, organ donation and the need for research to patients, disease-specific organizations, the medical community, the general public, and the media.